Draw Date: 2024-07-18
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Draw Date: 2024-07-18
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NIGHT Result
Draw Date: 2024-07-18
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Jejuwla Evening results

- 6 Ball figures are the biggest draw in the world with the corresponding giant jackpots. Currently, more than 20 states take part in this exciting lottery held 7x a week.
- 6 Ball numbers consist of six digit numbers that have a huge prize for the guessers who guess exactly 6 digits. not less than $ 5000 every day contested
- It takes super precision to find luck in this game. not a few also managed to win and bring home the main prizes and entertainment prizes

Jejuwla Day results

- 4 of 6 Balls, is a game that very much demand. fans of this game from Asia as well, like Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan, Cambodia. all tickets are scattered in the world only available at our official outlets.
- The game focuses on only 4 digit numbers, while the first 2 digits are for an additional winner who also receives an interesting prize from us.
- The draw of this game is drawn every day in certain hours only, as well as game 6 Ball figures

Jejuwla Midday result

- 2 of 6 Ball, This game is the ultimate game that we present only to you, anyone can follow this draw, including homeless. the chance of winning in this game is huge, the various exciting prizes we provide. this lottery ticket price is also affordable. 5 Won for 1 ticket you can already play with us.
- You are less likely to lose, almost 70% of players succeeded in winning this draw.
- The draw is done daily at certain hours. the prize taking can be processed at our outlet where the place will not be far from your location.